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Michael Nyqvist och Renata Chlumska at Outstanding programmet!

Everyone knows you don’t get fit from reading an exercise book. Similarly you don’t become a better or more effective leader just by attending a lecture. To really develop your managerial and leadership abilities a more practical training program with a longer term perspective is needed.

To break a habit doesn’t need time, it is simply a question of training and will. At CfOL we have the knowledge and tools to get individuals and teams to first recognize how they really look and act today and then embed within them the needed new skills and abilities.We don’t work with theoretical cases; rather we focus on the real practical issues facing participants and their organisations. This combination of practical training and development has given rapid and powerful results; especially when that ‘ahaa, of course ...’ moment of individual and team awareness arises.

The Art of Effective Personal Contact ...

Effective communication is a prerequisite to lead people and teams successfully. Only when you dare to be certain within yourself will leadership become a natural progression of your style. Our workshop techniques will train you to discover the presence, appearance, style and tone to achieve that effective personal contact.


To be effective an organisation needs common understanding and an efficient meeting technique. Simply ‘talking’ does not give that needed group cohesion or understanding and efficient meetings do not just occur by themselves. We provide the training to transform a meeting from a forum of information exchange and debate to one were mutual awareness and achieving performance becomes the norm.

Knowing and Displaying your Leadership Qualities

Values – Others must buy into your values and adopt as their own. We will guide you to both identify these and how to display them effectively and with passion.

Goal and Vision – You will learn how to create a Goal and Vision that inspires and locks both yourself and others.

To Manage, Lead or Coach-which role to use? It is critical to recognise the needs of each situation and quickly match it with the appropriate role. We will train you to do this instinctively and effectively.


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