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At the Centre for Outstanding Leadership our role is to help in understanding change and development within an organisation and its leaders, teams, and individuals to create a strong inspirational and cohesive focus on achieving performance.

Outstanding to us is achieving results beyond the norm and that lies at the heart of our leadership concept. Our programs are designed to give individuals and teams the knowledge, tools and confidence to pursue personal and organisational effectiveness. Experience has shown that participation in our Programs provides enhanced awareness, understanding, goal orientation and above all achievement of performance

As a Team we are experts in communication and leadership but the uniqueness relates to our:

Blending of Training & Application

In developing all our programs we blend the specific training and practical applications needed to reflect and meet your particular situation, needs, and possibilities.

Understanding of Needs

Our client dealings are focused on gaining a real understanding of needs and expectations. The combination of effective listening, dialogue and our way of coaching forward a mutual relationship results in the clarity and understanding needed to develop an effective program.

Total Approach

To create a program which engenders the needed performance we embrace and combine a wide range of disciplines’ available to us. We use modern communication theory, organisational and leadership development research along with our own knowledge in organisational science, philosophy and dramatic arts to develop a practical and inspirational ‘total approach’ to achieving performance.

Belief in You

We believe in you and in your potential. Each individual can be the catalyst to develop and inspire the group and our passion is coaching forward you and your organisation toward inspirational goals and results. We are committed to your success and are not satisfied until you achieve performance beyond the norm.


Company Information

Centre for Outstanding Leadership AB

Troxhammar Gård
SE-1179 75 Skå, Stockholm
Phone: + 46 (0) 705 48 86 85

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