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Edutainment at its best!

Every single person in a company can be given the opportunities to create great results through becoming more aware of the importance and effect of good communication and cooperation. Internally and externally.

Pia, the Actress, Åsa, and Jan – the Philosopher, will guide you through the secrets of great communication and cooperation toward your organizations juicy goals!

A great and fun day, (or half-day) with new knowledge, insights and humor that you won´t forget…

"Brilliant! Awesome day. Seriousness and fun. Reflection and laughter. I´m going right back to the office and I will change my behaviour"

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Doctor Åsa Lundquist Coey...

Happy picture from me being awarded a Ph.D in Management & Complexity 2016 after four years of intense - and very rewardig - studying. What did I learn, gain insight into? Well, it will all be in my new book...watch this space.

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